Wednesday, May 21, 2008

[Installer] Automatic installer for the pre-compiled libraries of VTK-5.0.2 in Visual Studio 7.1 (2003), Windows XP

After reviewing the license in VTK, I figured out that it is possible (and legal) to redistribute pre-compiled libraries in VTK.

I know it is very troublesome to compile the libraries by users. So, I have packed up the automatic installer for the pre-compiled libraries of VTK.

Currently, it is only available for VTK-5.0.2 in Visual Studio 7.1 (2003), Windows XP (But, it should be compatitable with future versions of Visual Studio compilers). I will add more kinds of distributions on request.

The download link can be found here:

The screenshot of the installer is here (with embeded license of VTK):
Screenshot of the installer

After installing the libraries, you need to set up the search pathes (i.e. include path and libraries path) for the IDE (in this case, Visual Studio 7.1). Please see the previous "Build VTK in Visual Studio" guideline to learn how to set up the pathes (Actually, you are not needed to go into the detail. You can just view the bottom few figures in the install guide).

The un-installer is provided in the install directory you specified.


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