Wednesday, May 07, 2008

[Announcement] Invitation of editor

Dear all,

I have not updated for nearly a year. My previous goal is to accompany the weakness of the VTK mailing list. The mailing list is good source of information, but unfortunately lacking organized structure. The example programs given in the VTK source distributions are also nice, but most of them are written in scripting language which may not be suitable for C++ developers. That is the reason why I would like to write up some illustrative examples with demo figures and source codes using C++ programming language (instead of scripting language such as TCL and Python).

Dues to some personal issues, I can't fit this goal yet. For example, I am not an expert in medical imaging, but I have been asking some examples in C++ related to this field.

So, I would like to invite some volunteers to design and write some tutorials with are in similar format. The invited editors have ability to post some new articles, or edit the previous articles.

The requirements for the content are
1. Programming language (Must be C++)
2. Preferred codebase (Pure VTK is preferable, adding other libraries are okay, but need to explain how to get them in the post)
3. Platform (May not need to in Windows, other platforms are okay)
4. Source codes (Must include the source code - zipped or in a single cpp file, you can upload them to some free web spaces - e.g. Google Page Creator)
5. How to compile and build
6. (Optional) With a single image/video clip to illustrate what it is (to save time of viewers...)

Some possible topics may be interesting
1. A survey of how to use VTK with other GUI libraries (e.g. such as FLTK, Qt)
2. Many illustrative examples of how to use VTK in different fields (such as volume rendering, medical imaging....)
3. Some latest features in VTK (such as GPU acceleration using shaders)
4. Using VTK with ITK (how to bridge them)
5. More....

For volunteers who are interested, please feel free to contact me via I can grant the editing permission of this blog for volunteers.



Steve said...

I just found this blog. This is a great place for us to share VTK programming tips. Thanks for starting the blog.

Peter (admin) said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your support. If you find people who are interested to edit this blog, please redirect them to me throught emails.


Anonymous said...

Hello Peter,

Searching for tutorials on vtk, I haply found your blog. I think the vtk-framework is a great piece of software. I already used it in three different, small business projects (I'm the only programmer). At work I have to use windows for programming (visual studio 6). But privat I prefer linux (debian etch and lenny).

I'm very glade that I found people with similar interests!

Finaly I have a question. Has anybody experience integrating vtk into mfc projects. I ask because I have problems with memory leaks!


jacob said...


Your site is extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing your vtk code and tips. You make it much less painful ( more enjoyable) for that first leg of the learning curve. If I get advanced enough, I'll post anything I think might be helpful.

Here's my current goal: I'd like to hover over a scatter plot ( similar to your point plotter) but with the ability of clicking on a point to bring up a text box with sample information specific to that point, which could be momentarily highlighted in some other color). If/when I get there on my own, I'll share it! If you have any tips, I'll take them!


Anonymous said...

Peter, I was directed to this blog from the [vtkusers] list. I have been trying to download the installation utility for Visual Studio 7.3 but the link doesn't work. Is there someplace where I can get the installer?

Ron H.

Anonymous said...

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